Hey Y’all 


You arrived just in time!


 I am Indrea! I am so excited you dropped by for Circle Time!


You’ve created your files, assembled your awesome bulletin boards, downloaded all of your forms and worksheets. Your laminating machine is begging for mercy and if you have to print one more label, you just may scream. On top of all of that, you now have to come up with new and refreshing ideas for keeping the learning fun and engaging each and every day…..phew! That was a mouthful, right! 

What to Do???

In my 25 years in Early Childhood Education, I have been where you are many, many times before…and might I add….without the help of Instagram, YouTube or Teachers Pay Teachers (they didn’t exist). I started this place to provide respite, along with resources, brainstorming and inspiration to help you with figuring out that age-old question….No, no, no….not “What’s for dinner?” although there will be some of that sprinkled here and there.

“What do I teach?”

“How can I get Johnny to sit still?”

“I need to create an activity on a budget, H-E-L-P!!!!”

I experienced many of the ups and downs that you may be experiencing in the classroom, with colleagues, parents or at home. There was even a point when I experienced burnout and was in need of some serious self-care and balance for a while (ok to insert awwwwwws here).  Once I implemented the practices and organizational tips that I will be sharing with you all, I started seeing life in color again and gained a new perspective on all things Littles! Soon, I was back to rockin’ circle time again like it was nobody’s business…(insert cheers and applause!) The systems and strategies I will be sharing have provided successful experiences not only with transforming my educator life but for many others that I mentor and train as well. 

Why do I do this?

I love recharging and supporting teachers, educating children and inspiring parents.  I believe in providing a safe and fun learning space for children to grow and develop. Teachers work more effectively when they are organized and feel supported. Parents should be an active participant of the learning process of their child. 

I have my Master’s in Early Childhood Education and my Bachelor’s in Child and Family Studies. I’ve worked in various positions starting from part-time instructional aid all the way to Lead Mentor Teacher. I’ve served as a Director of preschools, Consultant of federally funded programs, early learning centers and home based programs where I assist with everything from setting up the facility, training the staff and supporting the admins on maintaining a High Quality Early Childhood Program. I  work in Early Developmental Intervention for Infants and Toddlers and teach ESL online to children. My expertise is in learning environment observation, creating curriculum, program assessment and state regulations compliance. A few of my parent workshops have included topics such as Behavior Management, Effective Literacy Techniques, Grand Parents as Parents of Young Children and Understanding the Home-School Dynamic in Learning. I’ve served as a member of the L.A. County Child Care Committee and Governing Board, I guest lecture at a State University and host the weekly webisode series, Circle Time TV on Instagram. I also had the wonderful honor of being the parent nominated choice of the LAUP Teacher of The Year for 2015. 

Away from the classroom, I am a mom of two tallies. You can often find me on Instagram. I love to eat peanut butter on a raisin bagel, I love brownies but not chocolate cake and lemon flavored anything just makes life make sense. So pour yourself a cup of yumminess, get a notepad and prepare to bookmark away. Circle Time is about to begin.

Shall We Begin!